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Kanchipuram Pattu Silk Saree


Red colour Kanchipuram Silk Saree with golden Zari Brocade on the body and Zari Border with golden colour Pallu. Includes unstitched blouse. Redefine your style with this elegant traditional saree and pair it up with the amazing jewellery collection from Jansa Collection.


The Kanchipuram silk sari is a type of silk saree made in the Kanchipuram region in Tamilnadu, India. These saris are worn as bridal & special occasion saris by most women in India. The saris are woven from pure Mulbery silk thread. The pure mulberry silk and the Zari used in the making of Kanchipuram saris comes from South India. To weave a Kanchipuram sari three shuttles are used.

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